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With the current COVID-19 situation, we are pleased to be offering Virtual Clinics and Face-to-Face Clinics

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Women’s Health Physiotherapy can support you through a range of pelvic health issues throughout your life.

At C-Physio, our discrete, professional Women’s Health Physiotherapists can help you to address potentially embarrassing problems.

Bladder Weakness, Pelvic Pain and Hot Flushes can be improved and even eliminated with effective support, guidance, advice, reassurance and treatment.

Bladder Weakness Pregnancy Pain Exercise in Pregnancy Gynaecological Surgery Menopause

Bladder Weakness

Bladder Weakness can happen at any time of your life. And it’s a common problem affecting thousands of women across Bradford.

But you don’t need to let bladder weakness decide the clothes you wear, the activities you undertake and the way you live your life.

Most women are unaware bladder weakness can improve with an effective exercise programme and specialist treatment from a women’s health physiotherapist.

Find out how our specialist women’s health physiotherapists can free you from the confines of incontinence pads.

Bladder Weakness

Pregnancy Pain

During Pregnancy, you’re dealing with enough changes to your body, you don’t need to suffer in pain as well.

From SPD to sciatica and low back pain to carpal tunnel syndrome, find out which common conditions can occur during pregnancy and how physiotherapy can help you reduce and manage your pain effectively.

Pregnancy Pain

Exercise in Pregnancy

If you want to exercise safely throughout your pregnancy, our Physiotherapists can support and guide you through your Pregnancy Journey and negotiate the challenges and euphoria that having a baby brings.

From Pilates to cycling, whether you want to continue a current exercise programme, or start a new one, your physiotherapist will be able to guide you through a personalised exercise routine safely and effectively.

Exercise in Pregnancy

Gynaecological Surgery

Intimate surgery such as a hysterectomy or vaginal repair can be a difficult problem to discuss.

At C-Physio, our specialist women’s health physiotherapists are on hand to listen to your specific issues, answer any questions you may have regarding your surgery and give you the best advice and treatment to support you before and after your operation.

Using tried and tested techniques, supported by current research, your Specialist Women’s Health Physiotherapist will then guide you through a personalised programme after your operation to improve your pelvic health and regain your lifestyle.

Gynaecological Surgery

Effective Treatment for Menopause

When you’re going through the menopause, hot flushes, bladder weakness and pelvic pain can make the change even more difficult.

Most women are unaware that these problems can be helped with Women’s Health Physiotherapy.

You’ll learn and understand ways to maintain your own condition and avoid future problems. And your physiotherapist will be on hand to guide you in the right direction to get the best possible care if your problems need further attention.



At C-Physio, we want to support females at every stage of their lives.

So for every Women’s Health Assessment we undertake, we’ll donate 1 pack of Sanitary products to the Red Box Project.

And with a Red Box in each of our Clinics, we hope that spreading the message doesn’t stop with us. Donations of sanitary products can be made by anyone into a Red Box at the clinic and distributed to Local Schools.

We hope that by enabling young women access the right information, advice and resources at an early age, they will be better informed to look after their pelvic health as they grow into womanhood.


What is The Red Box Project?

The Red Box Project quietly ensures that no young person misses school because they have their period.


Working as a nationwide community, The Red Box Project seeks to provide free menstrual products for the young people in our local schools.

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If you’d like to make an appointment with a women’s health physiotherapist in confidence, call 01274 270450 or Book Online


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See what our clients have to say ...

  • "I'm so grateful I found this company! Especially Saima. I very quickly improved functionality in my leg after having a nasty fall and subsequent surgery to fix my fractured hip. Saima was very good in knowing just how far I could push myself whilst it was still early days, but at the same time gave me the exercises I needed to bring about measured improvements in my mobility. Thank you Saima!

    Kathy - Bradford

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  • "I liked receiving texts to confirm and remind me of appointments. A very professional and forward thinking business."

    Steve Parr – Clayton, Bradford

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  • "First class service and the treatment I received was brilliant, David was spot on with everything."

    Ayaz Khan – Bradford

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  • "Very professional. Treatment worked within a few weeks. I have and will continue to recommend you to friends."

    Sylvia Thompson

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    Important Notice:


    With the current COVID-19 situation, we are pleased to be offering Virtual Clinics and Face-to-Face Clinics


    Find out about Virtual Clinics Find out about Face-to-Face Clinics