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Conditions of The Hand and Wrist

If you’re suffering from any of the following conditions, you could benefit from seeing a Specialist in Hand Therapy.

At C-Physio, you’ll be seen by an Expert Physiotherapist with extended training and expertise in treating Hand Conditions.

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Hand Disorders

  De Quervain’s Tenosynovitis

A condition causing pain in the outer aspect of the thumb and wrist. It is caused by inflammation of the tendon sheath that surrounds the thumb in the outside of the wrist and can be swollen, lumpy and very painful. Often caused by repetitive lifting activities.

  PIP Joint Stiffness

  Ganglion Cysts

  Finger Joint Arthritis

  Basal Thumb Arthritis

  Trigger Finger

  Trigger Thumb

  Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

  Cubital Tunnel Syndrome

  Dupuytren’s Disease

A condition that causes the fascia in the palm of the hand to develop tight cords. This can bend the fingers, especially the little and ring finger, which cannot be straightened out, causing problems with washing, dressing and activities involving the hand.

Bone Fractures

  Fractured Metacarpal

  Carpal Fractures

  Scaphoid Fracture

  Luneate Fracture

  Boxer’s Fracture

  Colles Fracture

This is a common break of the wrist that often occurs after a fall onto an outstretched hand. Predominantly in people suffering osteoporosis or high force injuries, a plaster cast is needed to give the bones a chance to heal. Physiotherapy would be beneficial after a plaster cast has been removed to reduce stiffness, increase range of movement and regain strength.

  Distal Radius Fracture

Ligament Injuries

  Skier’s Thumb / Gamekeeper’s Thumb

  Finger Sprain

  Finger Disclocation

  Finger/Thumb Collateral Ligament Injury

Muscle and Tendon Injuries

  Thumb Extensor Rupture

  Repetitive Strain Injury

  Mallet Finger Injury

  Swan-Neck Deformity

  Boutonniere Deformity

  Extensor Tendon Injury

  Flexor Tendon Injury

Other Hand Conditions

  Nerve Injury

  Brachial Plexus Injury

  Pins And Needles in the Hand

  Complex Regional Pain Syndrome (CRPS)


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Important Notice:


With the current COVID-19 situation we are pleased to be offering Virtual Clinics




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