Open Plan (Pay As You Go – Card or Cash)   
1:1 Clinic SessionsDurationPhysioLead Physio
Physiotherapy Assessment* 60 Minute £50 £56
Physiotherapy Treatment* 30 / 60 Minute £30 / £50 £35 / £56
Clinical Pilates Private Tuition 30 / 60 Minute £30 / £50 £35 / £56
Functional Movement Screening 90 Minute £70 £77
Personal Training 30 / 60 Minute £30 / £50  
Sports Massage 30 / 60 Minute £30 / £50 £35 / £56
*Physiotherapy Sessions include Musculoskeletal, Women’s Health, Cardiac and Respiratory Services      


Group ClassesDurationPhysio
Clinical Pilates Classes 45 Minute Class £10
Sports Performance Classes 60 Minute Class £12
Group Classes include all levels of our popular Clinical Pilates Classes, and our Sports Performance Classes, such as SkiFit and TriFit.    


Rehab Suite Independent Sessions                                                     £5

Get access to our Rehabilitation Suite to work on your Exercise Programme. Use our specialist Rehab Equipment to progress your condition. No Booking required. Available around our Group Class Times.

Please note:
You must have completed a Physiotherapy Assessment and have been prescribed an Exercise Programme by your Physiotherapist to be able to use the Rehab Suite. You will be working independently, but our staff will be on hand to assist you if you have any concerns or problems with your programme.


Cancellations / Missed Appointment FeesPrice 
Cancellation more than 24 hours before Appointment Time No Charge
Cancellation within 24 hours of Appointment Time £10 (£5 for Classes)
Failure to Attend Appointment without notification Full Appointment Fee


Flexi-Plan (Monthly Payment Plan – Direct Debit)Price
Monthly Flexi-Plan (including 25 Flexi-Points as standard) £62.50 per month
Add 25 Flexi-Points to your monthly Flexi-Plan £56.25 per month
Add 25 Flexi-Points as a one-off top up £59.37
Rehab Suite Independent Sessions Included
Cancellation Fee No Charge
Missed Appointment Fee Full Appointment Fee


Flexi-Points Usage 
1:1 SessionsPoints
30 Minute Session 12 Flexi-Points
60 Minute Session 20 Flexi-Points
90 Minute Session 30 Flexi-Points


Group ClassesPoints
Pilates Class 3 Flexi-Points
Performance Class 4 Flexi-Points


Fixed Plan (Pre-book and Pre-pay Plan – Card or Cash – No cancellations, rescheduling or refunds) 
6 Sessions of 1:1 Clinic Sessions Save 10% on Open Plan Prices
6 Sessions of Group Classes Save 20% on Open Plan Prices
Rehab Suite Independent Sessions Included
Cancellation Fee Full Appointment Fee
Missed Appointment Fee Full Appointment Fee