Important Notice: With the current COVID-19 situation we are pleased to be offering Virtual Clinics


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We want you to have the best skiing holiday ever, so we’ve put together the ideal ski fitness class for you!

Suitable for all ages and abilities, our team of Award-Winning Physiotherapists have designed a multi-level programme to tone and condition the major muscle you’ll use on the slopes.

Over the course of just 6 weeks, you’ll improve your fitness quickly and effectively with a range of skiing specific exercises designed to develop and improve your strength, flexibility, balance and control as well as reducing your risk of injury.

So although we can’t provide you with the white stuff, we can prepare you for the physical challenges you’re likely to face when you hit the slopes.

Why SkiFit?

  • Make the most out of your ski holiday with strength for all types of slopes
  • Impress your friends and family with your skiing control from day 1
  • Cover more mileage on the slopes by increasing your stamina
  • Reduce the risk of falls by improving your balance
  • Still have energy at the end of the day for your Apres-ski Activities

What about Snowboarders?

SkiFit can be easily adapted for snowboarders. You’ll have to work in close proximity to skiers, but you’ll find out they’re not such a bad bunch after all! With a focus on balance, abdominal, thigh and hip strength and control, you’ll be able to work all the major muscle groups in the same way you would on the slopes.

To book your ‘Lift Pass to Fitness’, call us on 01274 270450 to get SkiFit in just 6 weeks.


Ski-Fit at C-Physio


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Get fit for the slopes

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Important Notice:


With the current COVID-19 situation we are pleased to be offering Virtual Clinics




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