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With the current COVID-19 situation, we are pleased to be offering Virtual Clinics and Face-to-Face Clinics

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Whatever your sport and whatever level you’re at, if you want to improve, there are always things you can do to be the best you can be.

At C-Physio, we see Sports Performance as a Journey. It might be long and winding, but as any athlete knows, the key to success is steady progress in the right direction.


Understand Your Starting Line

Before starting your journey, you need to map out your route. That starts by understanding where you are right now.

At C-Physio, we’ll undertake an Functional Movement Screening to understand your current level of fitness, your movement patterns and anything that might be increasing your risk of injury along the pathway to success.


Establish Your Finishing Post

“If you don’t know where you are going, you’ll end up somewhere else” - Yogi Berra

Goal setting is an essential part of understanding what success looks like. Your goals may change over time, but only once you’ve set your goals can we map out the route you’ll need to take to achieve them.

At C-Physio, we like it when you’ve got big goals – we call them your Ultimate Dream Goals. So have a think - What would your vision of success look like?

  • Crossing a Triathlon finishing line?
  • Completing a 10k Run?
  • Competing in the Olympics?
  • Swimming the Channel?

It doesn’t have to be a massive goal, but once you know what your Ultimate Dream Goal is, and where you’re starting from, we can help you map out the route to achieving your success story.


Embrace the First Step

“The five S’s of sports training are: stamina, speed, strength, skill, and spirit; but the greatest of these is spirit.”– Ken Doherty

Even a marathon starts with the first step. Persistence and determination are essential to help you achieve your goals, but only you can take the first step to make it happen.

At C-Physio, we’ll help you to break down your Ultimate Dream Goal into smaller ‘Success Stops’ along the way. By achieving smaller goals, you’ll keep motivated and see how your progress is changing over the course of your programme. But it all starts with that first step.


Take The Right Team

“If you want to go quick, go by yourself, if you want to go far, go with a team.” Old African Proverb

At C-Physio, our physiotherapists have performed at the highest level, as well as expertise treating and training clients involved in high level sport. We understand what you need to succeed. We’ll help you, guide you, and pick you up when you’re down.

The pathway to success isn’t always a smooth or easy one. You’ll need determination and consistent application on the right things. With our Sports Physios you’ll be able to work with people who have already walked a similar path, to support you in achieving your success.

So, if you want to move better, perform better and reduce the risk of injury, give us a call on 01274 270450.


Functional Movement Screening

Functional movement screening is now an essential part of achieving your best Sports Performance whilst reducing the risk of injury.

It comprises of 16 tests looking at the different types of movement that make up our movement patterns. Through careful assessment your physiotherapist can identify what’s working well and what isn’t.

If you’re suffering from pain or recurring injury, if these tests don’t highlight the problem, your physiotherapist will be able to create an assessment test to analyse the specific movements that aggravate your problem within your sport.

A Functional Movement Screening is a 90 minute Assessment. Expect to be worked hard and tested to your limits. Come prepared in shorts and a t-shirt or vest so we can see exactly how you are moving.


Sports Performance Training

Let us tailor a Performance Improvement Programme to suit your specific requirements and circumstances, from a gentle reminder to a full workout every week.


Sports Performance Session – 60 minutes

A Sports Performance 1-1 session is the ideal solution for getting the most from the results of your Functional Movement Screening. Designed to take you on a journey to your physical peak, you can expect to be worked hard.


Sports Performance Classes – 45 minutes – Coming Soon

Work in a group of up to 12 people to achieve high performance and reduce the risk of injury. These group sessions provide an intense workout and allow you to get the benefits from our Performance Improvement Programme, directed by a physiotherapist to ensure you exercise safely and effectively.


Pilates – 1-1 or Group Sessions

Intermediate and Advanced Pilates Programmes are used by many top athletes and have been attributed to the longevity of many sporting careers.

Now you can access the same great feeling of improving your injury resistance and strength with Pilates at C-Physio.

Check out our Pilates page here.


Using our skill and expertise we can start you off on the road to recovery and identify what is causing the niggles and recurring injuries that have previously been missed.

If you’re suffering back pain, it might be a problem around your ankle that’s causing difficulty. It could be the shoulder that’s sending problems down along the chain of muscles attached to your pelvis, or it could be weakness in the neck that’s not stabilising effectively enough to give you the required level of support throughout the spine.

You might be moving well forwards and backwards, but your side-to-side movement might be a problem. Your rotation may be the issue so, when combining movement, that’s when we can identify that you might be at risk of injury. During your sport, it’s often difficult to identify the specific types of movement that might be causing your injury so we need to undertake a functional movement screen to formally test those movements and develop your training programme to the next level.

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    Kathy - Bradford

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    Important Notice:


    With the current COVID-19 situation, we are pleased to be offering Virtual Clinics and Face-to-Face Clinics


    Find out about Virtual Clinics Find out about Face-to-Face Clinics