C-Physio Treatment Plans

Making Your Commitment to Physical Health with Award-Winning Physiotherapy and Pilates Affordable and Accessible

An Affordable Solution for the Best Physiotherapy

Your requirements from a Physiotherapy Clinic will differ from the next person, as each and every person we see is unique. Unique injuries, unique combinations of symptoms and unique situations. Long-standing conditions that can make your life challenging and uncomfortable, to sudden onsets of pain and weakness that affect your work and social life. Dealing with pain can be a lifelong challenge if it’s not managed correctly. Committing to your long term health to achieve lasting improvements is an ongoing process and can be costly. Physiotherapy and Pilates is an affordable and accessible way to do more, feel better and ultimately make the difference in later years. At C-Physio, we feel you should be rewarded for your commitment. So we've launched a range of payment options to reduce the financial burden and make it as easy as possible for you to access Award-Winning Physiotherapy, Pilates and Sports Injury Management. So have a read through this guide and if you have any questions, please call us on 01274 270450 or speak to your physiotherapist. I wish you all the best in your recovery and hope you make a swift and comfortable return to doing what you love and what you do best.

Understanding the Right Plan for You

Before you start, you’ll need an Assessment from one of our Specialist Physiotherapists. Your Assessment will establish your goals for your treatment, help diagnose specific injuries or conditions you may have, and establish a set of problems that need addressing. From your problem list, your Physiotherapist will advise you on the best course of action for your condition. Whether it’s a short course of treatment or ongoing management, you’ll get a choice of Treatment Plans. And depending on your time, budget and condition, you’ll be able to choose the payment option that suits
you best.

C-Physio Flexi-Plan

Have complete control over your treatment and your finances with a C-Physio Flexi-Plan.

With monthly payments by Direct Debit you can leave your card at home, knowing your sessions are covered.

You’ll receive C-Physio Flexi-Points every month to redeem against your Sessions.

Importantly, there is no minimum contract, so you can cancel your Flexi-Plan at any time. We want you to get the right level of support to suit your condition and goals.

With a Flexi-Plan you’ll get support to maintain your physical health with a range of benefits including:
  • 1 x Complimentary Assessment
  • 1 x Yearly MOT Health Check
  • 1 x Exclusive C-Physio Training T-Shirt
  • 10% Discount off Group Classes
  • 5% Discount off 1:1 Sessions
  • 5% Discount off Product Purchases
PLUS - VIP Membership Card entitling you to:
  • Complimentary Rehab Suite Use outside of Class Times
  • Priority Booking for Group Classes
  • No Cancellation Fee for cancellations within 24 hours
  • (I’m afraid missed appointment fees still apply)
  • Refreshments on arrival
  • Exclusive VIP Events – trial new and exciting classes
  • throughout the year, with Refreshments and Prizes
  • VIP Goodies at C-Physio Events
PLUS - 25 C-Physio Flexi-Points


C-Physio Fixed Plan

Our Fixed Plan allows you to get a better deal on your physio by pre-booking and pre-paying for a course of 6 sessions.

Ideal for a course of Physiotherapy Treatment for a recent injury, a set of Pilates classes to manage a long term issue or a group of Sports Massages in the run up to an event, you can leave your card at home, knowing your sessions are paid for at the start of your plan.

With a Fixed Plan, you’ll benefit from:
  • 20% Discount off a block booking of 6 x Group Classes
  • 10% Discount off a block booking of 6 x 1:1 Sessions
  • Complimentary Independent Rehab Suite Use (outside of Class Times)
  • Priority Booking for Group Classes
  • Guarantee your preferred appointment time by booking your sessions at the start of your Plan
Please note: Fixed Plan sessions cannot be amended or cancelled. Should you decide to cancel, you will be charged for the full amount of your session


C-Physio Open Plan

With our C-Physio Open Plan, you book and pay for each session every time you attend. You can pay by card or cash at reception or even make a payment over the phone.

With an Open Plan you can:
  • Be flexible - Book appointments when and where you need them
  • Cancel up to 24 hours in advance without charge
  • Only pay for the sessions you need - Problems can sometimes be fixed in just a couple of sessions
  • Pay a small fee if you need to cancel within 24 hours


Choose the Right Plan for You - Plan breakdown

Benefits Flexi-Plan Fixed Plan Open Plan
Flexibility to change booked Sessions
1:1 Session Discounts
Group Class Discounts
Product Discounts 
Complimentary MOT Health Check
Exclusive Training T-Shirt
Payment by Direct Debit
VIP Membership Card
Cancellation Fee <24 hours waived?
Complimentary Use of Rehab Suite included?
Priority Booking for Group Classes
Complimentary Refreshments on arrival
C-Physio Flexi-Points included 25
Monthly or One-off Option to add 25 Flexi-Points