VIP Membership

Want to get better rates on your Physiotherapy, but still want to Pay as you go? Our VIP Membership card may be the best option for you.

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C-Physio Credits

Do you want the best rates for your sessions at C-Physio?

With C-Physio Credits you can forget about paying at every session, just buy a Credits Bundle or pay by Direct Debit with our Credits Monthly Plans. Then use your credits as you need them for all our services.

Credits Bundle – Pay up front for C-Physio Credits to get the best rates on your treatment and classes

Credits Monthly Plan – Perfect for spreading out the cost of your treatment over the year, or for regular treatment throughout the year. Use your credits as and when you need them across all our services.

Free VIP Membership – Purchase C-Physio Credits at Gold Level or above and get FREE VIP Membership.

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Act Now to get 10 FREE Credits for our 10 Year Anniversary

Since it’s the Month of Love, get your C-Physio Credits in February 2018 and you can get an extra 10 credits FREE with any C-Physio Credits Plan. By purchasing a C-Physio Credits Plan early could guarantee you savings worth £205. You’ll get high quality Physiotherapy to fix your back pain, maintain your health and fitness with regular Pilates classes or improve your Sports Performance with Movement Retraining and Conditioning for less than you would have paid in 2008 when we established C-Physio!



Pilates Assessments

Book a Pilates Assessment and Introduction and get your 1st Class FREE (worth £10)



Pilates Classes

Block Bookings

Guarantee your place in a regular class with a block booking. Your place in class will be booked for 6 or 12 weeks from the date of booking. No changes to class date or time possible.

Book 6 classes for £48 (20% discount)

Book 12 classes for £84 (30% discount)

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