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Our Physiotherapy Clinics are located across Bradford to make it easy for you to come and see us. But sometimes, for one reason or another, you can’t come into clinic to be seen by one of our Physiotherapists. If you’re unable to make it into clinic, we can organise a home visit, and come to you at your own home or workplace.

You might like a Home Visit because you’re unable to get out of the house, or your pain stops you getting into the car. You might have difficulty walking or your balance is reduced. Or you might be so busy at work, you can’t afford to take time off work to visit us at the clinic.

Whatever your reasons, if your pain is stopping you from doing the things you need to, and you can’t get to us in clinic, call us on 01274 270450 to organise a visit to your home or workplace today. And get the attention and treatment you need.

Read our Frequently Asked Questions about Home Visits…


Frequently Asked Questions

Can you come to my home to treat me?

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How much does it cost to come to my home?

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Do you treat patients in their own home?

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What do you bring to a home visit?

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I can’t get out the house, can you help me?

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My mother is in a care home, can you visit her?

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I think my relative needs physio but they can’t get out the house, can you help?

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My mum has taken to her bed after being discharged from hospital, can you help?

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My legs are too weak to get out of bed, can you help?

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I’m too busy to come to clinic, can you come to my workplace?

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Other reasons you might not want to visit one of our clinics:

Time Saving

If we come to your place of work, you have less time out of your busy schedule

Taxi Ride

If you don’t drive, we can come to see you to avoid the need for taxi journeys


You don’t like open spaces or leaving the house


You can’t get out of bed, following surgery or an operation. You might have severe pain that prevents you from getting out of bed. Or your condition (such as a stroke or neurological problem) means you can’t get out of bed.

Severe Pain

You’re in so much pain, you can’t leave the house. You can’t get in or out of the car, and need some help to get mobile and active again. A short course of treatment to help you make it into clinic may be all you need.


Key Conditions

Reduced mobility

Reduced balance

Shortness of breath

Unable to get out of the house


Motor Neurone Disease

Balance Problems



Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

Workplace Physiotherapy

Home Visit

Domicilary Physiotherapy

Severe pain


Services Offered

  • Home Visit
  • Home Visit – Physiotherapy Assessment
  • Home Visit – Physiotherapy Treatment


Treatments Offered

Hands-On Treatment

Massage Therapy

Soft Tissue Treatment

Soft Tissue Mobilisation


Joint Mobilisations

Joint Manipulation

Exercise Therapy

Exercise Prescription

Graded Exercise Therapy

Guided Exercise Programme

Clinical Pilates

Balance Exercises

Core Stability Training

Ultrasound Therapy

Laser Therapy


Interferential Therapy

Electrical Stimulation

Muscle Stimulation


Combination Therapy

Heat Therapy

Cold Therapy

Postural Advice

Postural Education

Post-operative Rehabilitation

Post-surgery Rehab

Joint Supports



Return to work programmes

Epley Manouvre

Pain Relief Programme

TENS (Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation)