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Improve your Pelvic Floor with Specialist Advice and Treatment

Are you suffering in silence with incontinence, leaking and pelvic pain? If you are having problems holding on to your urine, or you wee when you laugh, there may be a solution for your problems with a range of simple exercises and guided treatment.

Usually a set of regular pelvic floor exercises can increase the strength and stamina of the pelvic floor to reduce you losing urine when you laugh, cough and undertake physical exercise.

But isn’t my pelvic floor damaged?

It is a common misconception that after childbirth or surgery such as hysterectomy or vaginal repair the pelvic floor is damaged and that urinary incontinence is to be expected.

All too often the pelvic floor has simply been stretched and is now not working as effectively. The pain and sensation associated with childbirth and surgery (and its after-effects) can stop the pelvic floor muscles working and without regular effort, they become weak and slow to work.

Our specialist Women’s Health Physiotherapist can assess how well your pelvic floor is working and provide you with a programme to improve it. We will track your progress over the course of several months and make sure you get the best possible care. If your pelvic floor has been damaged we can ensure you get referred on to see the right person to help get it fixed and in the meantime, help you to recover in the best possible way.

I’m embarrassed because I lose urine when I jump up and down – Can you help?

Many women find physical exercise after childbirth difficult, not just because they aren’t as fit as before having children, but because it can be difficult to maintain a strong bladder when you are running, jumping up and down, and forgetting about keeping your pelvic floor muscles turned on.

Regular exercise, such as Pilates, can help you work your core muscles, and particularly exercise the Pelvic floor muscles to ensure you can increase the amount of stress your pelvic floor can handle in a progressive, safe environment.

At C-Physio, we have Pilates classes to suit all entry levels, so if you are a keen runner and want an additional challenge to improve your workout, or have just given birth and want gentle exercise to kick-start your pelvic floor recovery, then give us a call on 01274 270450 to find out what is best for you.

"Friendly, efficient and competent. Would definitely recommend C-Physio"

"After 1 session with David my back was feeling 90% better and was discharged within just 2 sessions. I was really pleased with my recovery and have recommended loads of my family and friends to get their aches and pains sorted."

Donna Hudson – Eccleshill, Bradford

"Physio Input – Excellent, encouraging and honest. Came in pain – left smiling! I will keep exercises up"

Sara Jackson – Thornton, Bradford

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