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Gain a Competitive Edge by Improving Your Movement

At C-Physio, we take sport as seriously as you do.
Your aim is to be the best you can be.
Our aim is to help you improve the way you move.

We want you to be brilliant at your sport and to help you do that, we offer a functional movement assessment to identify how well you’re moving. From here, we can create an individual plan to help you move like your favourite sports stars. It’s no coincidence that Roger Federer has been the best and most mobile tennis player for years. Michael Jordan was an amazing basketball player and as for David Beckham, he was a God at football!

Move Like the Great Sports Stars of our Time

All of these people have one thing in common – they are amazing athletes. They work hard on the training ground to ensure their movement is as smooth and effective as possible. They don’t waste any energy so they can get the most from their bodies on a daily basis.

Their careers have also been some of the longest in the business. When you look at Ryan Giggs, Wayne Gretsky and Martina Navratilova, they all had one thing in common; they were great athletes. Their genetic make-up played a part, as did keeping free from injury, but mostly, they simply moved well.

Improve your Movement with our Functional Movement Screening

And you can move better too. Our functional movement programme identifies your major weaknesses and strengths then provides you with a programme to address those weaknesses and to make your strengths even stronger so you can move like the greats.

Where to Start?

Functional Movement Screening – 90 minutes – £80

Functional movement screening is now an essential part of achieving your best performance and reducing the risk of injury.

Our functional movement screening is made up of 16 tests, looking at all the different types of movement we are required to undertake in our daily lives. Through careful assessment, your physiotherapist can identify what’s working well and what isn’t. Using all our skill and expertise, we can start you off on the road to recovery and identify what is causing the niggles and recurring injuries that have previously been missed.

If you’re suffering back pain, it might be a problem around your ankle that’s causing difficulty. It could be the shoulder that’s sending problems down along the chain of muscles attached to your pelvis, or it could be weakness in the neck that’s not stabilising effectively enough to give you the required level of support throughout the spine.

You might be moving well forwards and backwards, but your side-to-side movement might be a problem. Your rotation may be the issue so, when combining movement, that’s when we can identify that you might be at risk of injury. During your sport, it’s often difficult to identify the specific types of movement that might be causing your injury so we need to undertake a functional movement screen to formally test those movements and develop your training programme to the next level.

Functional Movement Screening is a 90 minute assessment. Expect to be worked hard and tested to your limits. Come prepared in shorts and a t-shirt or vest so we can see exactly how you are moving.

What Happens Next?

Achieving high performance levels doesn’t come easily. Training can easily be skipped. It doesn’t matter who you are - everyone needs a bit of help!

From a gentle reminder to a full-on programme every week, we can tailor your Sports Performance Programme to suit your individual circumstances.

Sports Performance Session – 60 minutes – £54

Our Sports Performance 1-1 sessions are the ideal solution for getting the most from the results of your Functional Movement Screening. Designed to take you on a journey to your physical peak, expect to be worked hard and see the results in real-time using our full length mirrors.

Sports Performance Classes – 45 minutes – Coming Soon

Work in a group of up to 8 people to achieve high performance and reduce the risk of injury. An intensive workout, these group sessions allow you to get the benefits from our Performance Improvement Programme, directed by a Physiotherapist to ensure you exercise safely and effectively.

Sports Performance Packages – Coming Soon

Our Performance Improvement Packages can be suited to your requirements, enabling you to get the most from your programme and to be rewarded with some fantastic discounts. For more details, please discuss a package with your physiotherapist.

Pilates – 1-1 or Group Sessions

Intermediate and Advanced Pilates Programmes have been used by many top athletes and have been attributed to the longevity of many sporting careers including those of David Beckham, Ryan Giggs and Rio Ferdinand.

And now, you can access the same great feeling of improving your injury resistance and strength with Pilates at C-Physio.

As part of a small class or in a private 1 to 1 session, progress your core strength to a level that would make a washboard’s parents proud! And with our High Intensity Training, mixing Pilates with High Intensity Workouts, you can be sure to leave us feeling ready to perform at your best in the next big event.

Transform your Sports Performance at every Level

It doesn’t matter what level you play your sport; there are always ways to improve your performance. Whatever level you currently perform at, we have different levels of training to help you achieve your goals.

"I attended C-Physio with niggling pain in my back that just wasn’t shifting after an intensive Army PT assessment. David immediately assessed my back with a range of movements and tests that I was able to manage surprisingly well. It wasn’t until he started to really investigate that we found I had a deep muscle strain that was only coming on with certain movements. He got hands-on and was able to get rid of the pain instantly! I was given some exercises to do at home that really helped to fix my pain and within 4 weeks my core’s stronger now than when I started. I go off to start my Army Basic Training in a few weeks and I feel ready to tackle it head on thanks to David’s treatment and the exercises he gave me."

Joseph Grieff – Clayton, Bradford

"Being a physio I like to see real, measurable changes and with the SkiFit Fitness tests at the start and end of the course it was good to see exactly how much I had improved. The focus on the specific muscle groups and movements needed for skiing combined with the group work made it really enjoyable. And with David and Tamar’s help and motivation the course was great for my overall fitness as well as my skiing."

Cordy Gaubert – Baildon, Bradford

"Friendly, efficient and competent. Would definitely recommend C-Physio"

"After 1 session with David my back was feeling 90% better and was discharged within just 2 sessions. I was really pleased with my recovery and have recommended loads of my family and friends to get their aches and pains sorted."

Donna Hudson – Eccleshill, Bradford

"Physio Input – Excellent, encouraging and honest. Came in pain – left smiling! I will keep exercises up"

Sara Jackson – Thornton, Bradford