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Sports Therapy Clinic in Bradford, Clayton and Eccleshill

Accelerate your recovery by utilising the experience of skilled Physiotherapists in Bradford. We have helped thousands of people recover from a wide range of injuries and support hundreds more to maintain their body with Pilates, Sports Massage and Sports Performance Programmes.

What can Physiotherapy do for me?

Our experienced, HCPC registered physiotherapists can help you make the most of your recovery at every stage of the healing process. Whether you are suffering from longstanding Low Back Pain, a frozen shoulder or have Whiplash from a car accident, you don’t have to look any further to free yourself of the pain and stiffness that stops you from doing the things you love.

Help me, it Hurts!

The majority of people we see in Physiotherapy come to us because they are in pain. When you are in pain it is often difficult to find a way to make it stop, but at C-Physio we specialise in finding the ways to ease your pain and giving you the treatment you need to speed up your recovery.

So whether you have suffered an injury, or your pain has come on for no apparent reason, you can be sure we have a treatment technique and the best advice to help bring your problem back under your control.

My pain’s alright, but I just can’t do what I want to!

The reasons for finding a quality physiotherapist are clear when you are in pain, but Physiotherapy can help you in a wide range of other ways. The reasons to find a quality physiotherapist include:

  • Reducing your Pain
  • Reducing your Stiffness
  • Improving Recovery Rates
  • Improving your Strength
  • Improving Muscle Control
  • Improving Technique
  • Improving Posture
  • Increasing Fitness Levels
  • Improving Function (e.g. improving your walking ability)
  • Reducing the risk of falls in the elderly
  • After surgery to improve strength, range of movement and improve recovery time (Post-operative Rehab)
  • Before surgery to encourage a swift recovery afterwards (Prehab)

If you are suffering from a problem that you don’t see here, then please give us a ring to find out if your problem can be helped with Physiotherapy as we have a range of different specialists on hand

Your Next Steps...

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"Physio Input – Excellent, encouraging and honest. Came in pain – left smiling! I will keep exercises up"

Sara Jackson – Thornton, Bradford

"Best decision I made coming to see Lorna for physio, think it saved my Christmas!"

Paul Stillings – Eccleshill, Bradford

"I attended C-Physio with niggling pain in my back that just wasn’t shifting after an intensive Army PT assessment. David immediately assessed my back with a range of movements and tests that I was able to manage surprisingly well. It wasn’t until he started to really investigate that we found I had a deep muscle strain that was only coming on with certain movements. He got hands-on and was able to get rid of the pain instantly! I was given some exercises to do at home that really helped to fix my pain and within 4 weeks my core’s stronger now than when I started. I go off to start my Army Basic Training in a few weeks and I feel ready to tackle it head on thanks to David’s treatment and the exercises he gave me."

Joseph Grieff – Clayton, Bradford

Opening Times

Our Physiotherapists currently run clinics every day except Sundays usually between 8am and 8pm. As our diaries get booked up quickly, you can book online to find a time that suits you.

We can book appointments outside these hours at special request or find a convenient time at another clinic so please ring us on 01274 270450 to discuss a time that suits you.


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