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C-Physio Guarantees

At C-Physio, we’re confident we can help you to feel better. We want to take away all the risk of investing your health in our hands and make sure you’re totally satisfied before, during and after you see us at C-Physio.

So we offer 5 C-Physio Guarantees to ensure you’re confident and happy coming to see us.

Guarantee #1

Your First Appointment in less than 24 hours

(Or You Get It Free)

Sometimes you need to be seen quickly, without any fuss or delay.

At C-Physio, we guarantee that if you contact us on a weekday, you can get an appointment with a physiotherapist within 24 hours at one of our clinics.

And to make sure we stick to our promise, if we can’t get you an appointment in less than 24 hours, you’ll get your first session free!

We’ll try our hardest to make an appointment available for you within 24 hours. We’ll stay late or work at a weekend if we need to. But we can’t guarantee to organise something at short notice if you’re not willing to change your schedule. You might need to move a few things for us to guarantee to get you an appointment within 24 hours but we’ll try our hardest to find something that suits.

Guarantee #2

Treatment at your First Appointment

(Or Your Next Session Free)

You want to start your recovery straight away. And at C-Physio, we want you to feel better as soon as you walk out the door.

Sometimes we need to take longer with our Physiotherapy Assessment to fully understand what the problem is. But that shouldn’t mean you don’t get the treatment you deserve.

So we guarantee you’ll get treatment at your first session. It might be providing you with exercises to perform in the clinic or to work on at home, it might be some hands-on treatment that you need. And if it takes longer to complete your assessment and we can’t start your treatment or give you exercises straight away, we’ll make sure we get you booked back in as soon as possible to start your treatment. And you won’t pay a penny for your first treatment session.

Guarantee #3

On time, Every time

(or £10 off)

Your time is precious. So we guarantee that you will be seen promptly, every time you come to see us.

We know good physiotherapy isn’t cheap. And the reason you come to see us is because we can give you the time and attention you deserve and need. Sometimes we’ll spend a bit longer with you, sometimes a bit shorter. But you still want to be seen on time.

If you’re not seen within 5 minutes of your appointment time we guarantee to take £10 off your appointment fee. So mention it to your physiotherapist and they’ll take £10 off the cost of your session there and then.

Guarantee #4

The Best Outcome in the Area

(Or Your Money Back)

Our aim is for you to feel 100% better.

Sometimes that’s not always possible. But we want to make sure you get the best outcome you can.

We believe we offer the Best Physiotherapy Service in the Area.

If we feel Physiotherapy can’t get you right, we can refer you to other healthcare professionals who we think can offer the help you need. Doctors and Surgeons can offer alternative treatments that might be needed for your condition. So if you need it, we’ll refer you on.

If you find we haven’t referred you to someone who helps you get 100% better within 6 months of seeing us, we guarantee to refund all of your treatment costs with us.

So if after following our treatment plan consistently and as recommended, you find a Physiotherapist, Chiropractor or Osteopath who can get you 100% better when we haven’t been able to, call us and we’ll organise a refund of all of your treatment costs.

Guarantee #5 - Our Lifetime Guarantee

Tip-Top Condition for Life

(Or a Free Physio TTC)

We’re passionate about helping people be the best they can be.

Whether it’s maintaining your condition or improving your performance in the long term, we want you to have somewhere to turn if ever you get injured.

We take pride in supporting our community of patients whether they are fit or suffering with injury. We want you to stay in the best condition you can throughout your life, and to do that we offer a Physio TTC (Tip-Top Check – Think of it like your Car’s MOT) to ensure you’re free of any aches, pains and injuries.

So we guarantee to check you are in tip-top condition and offer you a Physio TTC every 6 months for life.

And if we don’t contact you every 6 months after your last appointment to ensure you are in Tip-Top Condition then call us to claim a Free Physio TTC.

"Physio Input – Excellent, encouraging and honest. Came in pain – left smiling! I will keep exercises up"

Sara Jackson – Thornton, Bradford

"Best decision I made coming to see Lorna for physio, think it saved my Christmas!"

Paul Stillings – Eccleshill, Bradford

"I attended C-Physio with niggling pain in my back that just wasn’t shifting after an intensive Army PT assessment. David immediately assessed my back with a range of movements and tests that I was able to manage surprisingly well. It wasn’t until he started to really investigate that we found I had a deep muscle strain that was only coming on with certain movements. He got hands-on and was able to get rid of the pain instantly! I was given some exercises to do at home that really helped to fix my pain and within 4 weeks my core’s stronger now than when I started. I go off to start my Army Basic Training in a few weeks and I feel ready to tackle it head on thanks to David’s treatment and the exercises he gave me."

Joseph Grieff – Clayton, Bradford


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